Benji Schwimmer

WORKSHOP:  Private Lesson for 300 People

Time:  Sunday 11:00 AM

It’s Sunday, at The Open! You have been to other workshops this weekend this year, Benji wants to know “What do YOU need before you go home? Tips? Drills? Sage Advice on how to be the best dancer you can be?


A third generation swing dancer, Benji Schwimmer holds records in nearly every category of West Coast Swing and has been swing dancing for over 30 years this month!

Having an extensive background in most dance styles, Benji’s training, coaching, lecturing and choreography is a sought-after tool to both the recreational dancer to the most elite of competitors.

Outside of swing, “America’s Favorite Dancer” is the artistic director for various live tv shows. Benji is the Creative Director for the Us Open Congress since inception 3 years ago. When not dancing, he coaches and choreographs for some of the highest Olympic-level figure skaters in the world and is a recognized Olympic figure skating coach.