Brennar Goree

WORKSHOP:  It’s All Swag 

Time:  Friday 11:00 AM
A combination of ideas pertaining to the marriage of shag and swing dancing, and the musical approach to swing dancing as a whole.


Brennar, from Virginia Beach, VA started dancing at the age of 8 when his grandmother taught him Carolina shag. From that point on Brennar had the bug.
He had been competing in Shag since the age of 9 and won numerous title including National Shag Dance Championships Junior Overall in 2004, 2007, and 2008, Grand Nationals Junior 1 champion in 2004 and Junior II champion for 2005-2008 with his previous partner Autumn Jones. He and Autumn are the current first place GNDC winners of the Professional Carolina Shag Classic division.
He was a member of the award winning competition team, the National Shag Dance Team from 2004 through 2008. Brennar also won the team division at the US Open in 2008 with his Shag team, “Southern Fried with Junior Pride,” with Brennar as choreographer & coach.
He also branched into West Coast Swing and over the year has garnered many Champion Strictly Swings and Jack and Jills. In 2010, he won the US Open Classic Division with Torri Smith.