Compete at the US Open

We offer several divisions of swing for you to compete in.

Registration for some divisions is required prior to the event, so please check details below.

If you have questions, please contact Ruth Farmer at 248-980-3714 or Vivian Glucksman-Weiss at 818-404-4345 after 7 AM pacific time.


2017 Rules

Last updated 05/31/2017

  1. 2017 Rules & Competitions (PDF)
  2. Petition for US Open Competitions (PDF)
  3. WSDC Jack & Jill Petition (PDF)
  4. Hustle Rules

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Important Dates

July 1, 2017 Registration Opens: Lowest entry fee and guaranteed entry
October 1, 2017 Contest Fees Increase
October 10, 2017Deadline for Opus Division to get your PHOTO/BIO listed in the Program*
October 10, 2017Deadline for Star Division to get your NAME listed in the Program*
November 6, 2017Deadline to enter an OPUS routine division
November 1, 2017Last day to purchase a competitor’s discounted ticket
November 18, 2017STAR contest entry fees increase, last day to enter Pro Am Routine

* Must register online, and then follow instructions to submit info online after you register.

Planned Divisions for 2017

Some divisions may be closed to number of entries or cancelled due to lack of entries.

Opus DivisionsThru Oct 1stThru Nov 11Full & Partial Sponsors
Classic$77$129Liza May & Genieboy Collins
Showcase$77$129Benson & Lyn Malto
Lindy Showcase$77$129
Sophisticated Swing$77$129
Rising Star Tour$77$129Annie Hirsch
Young America$77$129Allen & Stanley Magnone
Young Adult$77$129Jim & Dale Hern
Cabaret Solo$77$129
Cabaret Couple$77$129
Cabaret Three or More$129$177
Star Divisions
Strictly Pro/Champion$52$62Richard & Susan DeFelice
Strictly Swing Open$52$62
Strictly Lindy$52$62
Strictly Shag$52$62
Strictly Hand$52$62
Strictly Swing Junior$52$62Reis Evans & Kathyrn Hoffmann
Strictly Shag Junior I$52$62Global Dance TV
Strictly Shag Junior II$52$62Global Dance TV
Strictly Masters$52$62Bob & Beverly Budzynski
Jack & Jill Swing All Star$26$36Jim & Cathy Tigges
Jack & Jill Swing Advanced$26$36
Jack & Jill Swing Intermediate$26$36
Jack & Jill Swing Novice$26$36
Jack & Jill Swing Masters$26$36Lou Szed
Jack & Jill Junior Shag I$26$36George & Sharole Negrete
Jack & Jill Junior Shag II$26$36Ashley & Tobitha Stewart & Brennar Goree
Jack & Jill Juniors Swing$26$36George Pavlatos & Pat Fields
Jack & Jill Lindy$26$36
Jack & Jill Hustle Advanced$26$36LA Hustle Movement
Jack & Jill Hustle Intermediate$26$36Deborah Perez
Jack & Jill Hustle Novice$26$36Deborah Perez
Pro Am Swing Routine Leader AM$52$62
Pro Am Swing Routine Follow AM$52$62
Pro Am Hustle Leader AM$52$62Olivia Galicia
Pro Am Hustle Follow Am$52$62Olivia Galicia