Congress Instructors and Presenters

Creative Director: Benji Schwimmer

A third generation swing dancer, Benji Schwimmer holds records in nearly every category of West Coast Swing and has been swing dancing for 30 years this month!

Having an extensive background in most dance styles, Benji’s training, coaching, lecturing and choreography is a sought-after tool to both the recreational dancer to the most elite of competitors.

Outside of swing, “America’s Favorite Dancer” is the artistic director for various live tv shows and recently wrapped an upcoming series set for release mid next year. When not dancing, he coaches and choreographs for some of the highest Olympic-level figure skaters in the world and is a recognized Olympic figure skating coach.

Instructors: Jordan Frisbee and Tatiana Mollmann

Jordan Frisbee & Tatiana Mollmann have been a successful partnership since 2000. They are 11-Time US Open Champions, 6-time NASDE Champions, and Multi-Grand National Champions, as well as dominating the Classic Division throughout the past 6 years.

At the UCWDC World’s event they were given the Star Award for the Couple with the Most Impact on Swing, and Jordan won Best Swing Choreographer. They have won Swing Couple of the Year for 5 years straight on the web site:

They Travel 47 out of 52 weekends per year, competing and teaching packed workshops and intensives all across the USA and Internationally. They are Certified Teachers in the Golden State Dance Teacher’s Association.

Robert Royston

Robert Royston’s professional career began on the competitive couples dance circuit in 1989. Quickly ascending the ranks, Robert successfully secured eight (8) “U.S. Open Swing Dance Championship titles,” six (6) different “World Country Dance Championship titles,” and two (2) “USA Grand National Championships Titles.” In addition, he holds national titles in Hustle, Salsa, and Cabaret. Inducted into the “California Swing Dance Hall of Fame” in 1999, Robert continued his rise as a dance legend becoming the youngest person inducted to the “UCWDC Country Dance Hall of Fame” in 2007. His inductions into the “World Swing Dance Hall of Fame” and the “Living Legends of Dance Society” in 2011 make him the only dancer ever inducted into all of these organizations. Robert’s exciting, high energy original work gained the attention of producers of the Broadway musical, “Swing!” This led to his appearance for 1-1/2 years in the 7 time Tony nominated musical as a principle dancer performing his own choreography. He later became the assistant choreographer for the first National Tour of the production. Royston’s work was highlighted in the production of “Gypsy of the Year on Broadway” at New York’s Palace Theatre, as well as “Destination Groove”, a Choreographer’s Showcase. His choreography again drew attention in the New York workshop production of “Urban Cowboy,” a production in which he also performed.

Yvonne Antonacci

Yvonne Antonacci has been dancing, teaching and judging since the 1990s. Although Yvonne was originally involved in jitterbug dancing, she quickly got involved with WCS when she saw it for the first time at the Phoenix dance convention.

She was so inspired by WCS that she started the first WCS club here in Chicago, and that club, the Chicago Rebels Swing Dance Club, still operates today. In addition to starting the club, Yvonne was also the heart and spirit behind bringing the first WCS dance convention to Chicago and that event was the original Chicago Classic, which was one of the original national events to join NASDE.

Yvonne, together with Barry Jones, were instrumental in bringing the “Rising Star” event from Dallas to Chicago, providing newer competitors with the opportunity to compete against their peers.

Yvonne has served as a Judge at many events on the NASDE circuit and continues to stay active here in the Chicago dance community.

More Instructors to Come!

Mary Ann Nunez, Laureen Baldovi, Dawn Blorstad Garrish, Heidi Groskreutz Burns

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