The Organizers will post a final schedule on the website by November 15th, but reserve the right to make changes at the event when deemed necessary.

Social Dancing in between competitions and late night.

Competition Deadlines

  • On-line registration opens July 1st
  • Register as early as possible
  • Competitors who register by October 1st are guaranteed entry
  • Entry fees increase after October 1st
  • Routine and Pro Am divisions must register by November 1st
  • The organizers can close or cancel a division due to the lack of entries
  • The Organizers may or may not accept registrations for Jack & Jill and Strictly at the event
  • The Event Registration desk will be open, Wednesday from 8-10 PM and Thursday from 8-9 AM to take event registrations for Jack & Jill and Strictly Divisions that are still open
  • An extra $5 fee will be added to registrations processed at the event
  • We encourage everyone to register online prior to November 18th

2017 US Open Swing Dance Championships Schedule

Printable The US Open Schedule (PDF)

Last updated 03/05/2017

Next update 11/20/2017