US Open Television Taping

We are taping the 2017 US Open Swing Dance Championships, Inc, for a one hour cable ready TV show, for broadcast in 2018.

Message from the President!
My name is Phil Dorroll,  and I am the current President & Event Director for the US OPEN Swing Dance Championships. Ruth Farmer (Secretary and administrator for the US OPEN) and I have been working very hard on the Kickstarter Fundraiser for the TV show.  We are inviting you to look at what we are doing and get involved and help us get this show on TV.  “Buddy”, the little guy in the picture, has been going around the house saying “Show me the money!” I thought it sounded a little pushy, I don’t know, but he has offered us both lots of love and support.

For the past twenty years I have been involved with the swing dance community as a teacher, competitor, judge, and organizer. My goal has always been to promote and grow the swing dance community and with this current project we have a great opportunity to reach millions of viewers.  It will cost about $75,000.00 to get this project to completion and that is why we are launching the Kickstarter fundraiser. We need your help.

If you are willing to help us we have arranged some wonderful gifts, donated by our awesome dance professionals and celebrities. You can see what is available on the rewards page.

We are operating this fundraiser with the full support of the Board of Directors of the US Open Swing Dance Championship, Inc. We are collaborating with Leaders, Professionals & Champions of the Swing world to create a great one hour TV special be be broadcast in 2018.

Please Help us Bring Swing to TV! This show is for the swing dance community and for dancing in general.  Let’s do it together!