The Board says “award 20 Complimentary weekend passes* to THE OPEN 2021”

WIN “welovetheopen” Shirts, THE OPEN Jacket and Complimentary 2021 Weekend Pass(es)

 38 opportunities to win when you send us your CHOICE ans a video clip.

The more you play the greater your opportunity to win Weekend Passes, “WeLoveTHE OPEN” shirts and THE OPEN jackets.

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We Love THE OPEN – Official Contest Rules

We need YOUR Love.

As we prepare the schedule, contests, and activities for “We Love THE OPEN” virtual weekend, you will have 38 opportunities to participate for a chance to win a “WELOVETHEOPEN” shirt or a free pass to THE OPEN 2021.  All entries will qualify for a chance to win the Grand Prize, which includes 2 weekend passes for THE OPEN 2021, an “THE OPEN” Jacket, and a We Love THE OPEN t-shirt.

WHEN – Tuesdays and Thursdays starting on June 23 at 12 noon EST.  You will have 48 hours to enter.

(Each week:  Tuesday giveaway-T-shirt, Thursday giveaway – 2021 Complimentary general admission weekend pass*)

HOW DO I ENTER?  Make sure you like our Facebook page.  All contests will be posted here.  Each contest, you will be provided a link to enter (which takes you outside of Facebook).

WHAT IS REQUIRED FOR THE ENTRY?  A short video clip announcing your entry and why (this is to be included in the production).  May use cellphone to video (horizontal, no more than 30 secs). We recommend that you review self-tape guidelines below. Full name and email address is required for the production and for notification of winners.

HOW ARE WINNERS SELECTED?   Unless otherwise mentioned, Winners will be selected via a random number generator.  However, more than one entry may be included in the final production number for each contest.

WHEN ARE WINNERS ANNOUNCED?  Every Monday the two winners from the prior week will be announced.


  1. Use good lighting. Light from a window or other indirect light source. Avoid backlighting or direct sunlight.
  2. Video Horizontally.
  3. Frame yourself so your head and shoulders fill most of the frame.
  4. Record in the quietest location possible.
  5. Use a plain background if possible. Gray, Blue and Black are best.
  6. Set your phone to at least 1080p
  7. If you have any tech questions call or text Stew at 434-989-5328

* Complimentary Weekend Pass will be entered into Winner’s World Dance Registry account, upon verifying a subscription purchase for the “WE LOVE THE OPEN WEEKEND” of no less than $38.00 in the name/email address of winner or parent/guardian. Anyone can submit an entry, regardless of age. US OPEN Shareholders are not eligible to win Complimentary weekend passes.

**More detailed Rules—see rules pdf here.