We pre-sell the following year’s tickets at the current event. Purchasers then receive an e-ticket sent to their email.

Every business wants to get the word out about what they sell. It doesn’t matter what the product or service is – if you cannot reach your target market, then you will go under quickly. Advertising at events by the way of event tickets, posters, and banners can be a great way to reach a large target audience.

Every year in every town, there are tickets being sold. It may be as big as a music concert for thousands of fans, or it may be something as small as the Gym Palm Desert play. Either way, this is often unused printing space that you could be using as advertising.

All you need to do is contact the person in charge of designing tickets for the event. In exchange for paying for some or all of the printing fees, ask if you can place your logo on the ticket. You may even be able to use the back of the ticket for a brief advertising message. Just be sure that your information is on the stub that the customer will be taking home with them.

This has proven to be a key advertising opportunity because your advertising will appear on the front of those e-tickets maidthis.com. This is a highly coveted advertising spot and has been reserved up to 2018.

If interested in being in this prime spot in the future, please contact us from our contact page.